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One strain of the recent work on ethics and evolution stems from E.O. Wilson and Sociobiology. His views were briefly described in his two books and then there was a series of papers of his, Michael Ruse, and the two of them working together arguing that there is a connection between the two. Only one such paper is listed here followed by a response to the literature by Philip Kitcher.

The Ruse piece that we read is part of Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Biology. Ruse's companion piece is by Francisco Ayala.

A clear paper which argues for ethical skepticism on an evolutionary basis is by Richard Joyce. He has two books on the subject: The Myth of Morality and The Evolution of Morality. Actually, he argues for error theory -we think that there are moral predicates and we talk as though moral claims are true or false (not emotivist or subjectivist) but that in fact, there are no moral predicates.