Philosophy 3334: Philosophy of Biology
Summer, 2017

Professor Joel Velasco
Office: 265G (Eng/phil building)
Office Hours: T, W, TH 2:00-3:00 or by appointment

Class meets Monday-Friday, 2:00-3:50 in English and Philosophy 264

All of the boilerplate information such as course policies and the grading scheme can be found on the syllabus. The readings for the course are below.


Required Books:
There is one required book - Philosophy of Biology by Peter Godfrey-Smith. The remainder of the readings will be articles that I will provide for you online. All class assignments and any other readings will be found on this website. You should check this website reguarly for updates and bring copies of the assigned readings to class.

This is a tentative schedule/reading list:

Week 1 -

Week 2 -

Week 3 -

Week 4 -

Week 5 -

Final Take Home Exam due Saturday, July 8th, 5:00pm (Submit through Blackboard)